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    Protecting Your Youth & Adult Sports Organization

    Liability Insurance for Sports Clubs, Facilities, Special Events, Martial Arts, & Dance — Youth & Adults

Sports Insurance Coverage

  • football on a field of grass outdoors
    Tackle & Flag


    Explore extensive insurance coverage, specifically tailored for a local youth football team, that provides comprehensive protection and peace of mind for your league.

  • youth baseball game outdoors
    Adult & Youth Teams

    Baseball Team Insurance

    We offer baseball insurance coverage for both youth and adult leagues, providing general liability and accident medical insurance to protect against risk.

  • woman's basketball team indoors
    Adult & Youth Teams

    Basketball League Insurance

    Protect against bodily injury and property damage with basketball insurance coverage. Enjoy the players playing while having peace of mind knowing everyone is protected.

  • martial arts mat, indoors
    Studios & Instructors

    Martial Arts

    Provide a protected training environment with our martial arts insurance coverage, offering comprehensive protection against injuries and liabilities for instructors and students.
  • softball sliding into base with dirt flying outdoors
    Youth & Adult


    Ensure a worry-free season with our softball insurance coverage, delivering comprehensive protection against injuries and liabilities, so you can focus on the game.
  • group of young people camping around a fire outdoors
    Day or Overnight

    Sports Camps

    Create lasting memories with our insurance coverage tailored for sports camps, ensuring a secure experience by safeguarding against potential injuries and liabilities.
  • dancing indoors on a platform
    Teams & Studios


    Step in confidence with our insurance coverage for dance studios, offering comprehensive protection against injuries and liabilities for both instructors and dancers.
  • group of people racing on a street outdoors
    5k, 10K, Marathons, & Walks

    Foot Races

    Run with confidence as our insurance coverage for marathons ensures comprehensive protection, addressing potential injuries and liabilities.
  • trophy indoors
    All Sports

    Sports Tournaments

    Score peace of mind with our dedicated insurance coverage for sports tournaments, offering comprehensive protection against unforeseen injuries and liabilities.
  • gymnastics in action, indoors
    Studios & Facilities


    Elevate your performances with peace of mind through our gymnastics insurance coverage, designed to provide comprehensive protection against injuries and liabilities.

What Makes eSportsInsurance Unique?

Don’t take the risk of working with insurance generalists.

As sports insurance specialists, we know what best protects your organization. Our personal service, great pricing, and the sports (amateur) specialization of our carriers ensure you’re guided to the right program for your situation.
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We are Sports Insurance Specialists

Phone & Email Responsiveness

Since 1999, eSportsInsurance has provided insurance to amateur youth and adult sports teams and organizations, such as Parks & Recreation departments, amateur sports associations, sports camps and clinics, and sports and fitness facilities. We cover a wide range of sports, martial arts, dance programs, and athletic training programs. As a result, we understand the needs and issues in the industry, and we know the types and amounts of coverage that your organization will need.

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We Are Responsive & Human

Personal Communication Within 24 hours

We do not use assistants or other non-agent representatives to handle your account. Each account has a dedicated sports insurance agent in charge of handling all of that account’s needs. Our agents can be reached by phone and email and normally provide a same-day response for coverage questions and additional insured certificate requests.

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We Offer Great Rates

We specialize in amateur sports, so we have tremendous buying power in the sports insurance industry. Also, since we can access multiple carriers, we can find you the best coverage for the lowest price. Many other sports insurance agencies are contracted with only one insurance carrier and cannot seek rates from multiple carriers.

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Our Premium Carriers Specialize in Amateur Sports

Responsive Advocates

We only use the highest quality (A-Rated or better) insurance carriers that have reputations as the premier carriers in the industry. Plus, we have special programs that can be tailored to your sport or organization.

volleyball team playing

Insurance Coverage Details

With regards to completely safeguarding yourself, your group, association, or your premises, we give insurance choices to guarantee that you are protected in every one of the ways that matter most.

Liability Coverage


General Liability Coverage shields your group from claims asserting bodily injury or property damage due to your organization’s alleged negligence, covering legal fees, court costs, and settlement or judgment amounts up to the policy limits.
Medical Insurance Coverage


Participant Accident Coverage reimburses medical costs for covered injuries, coordinating with the primary healthcare policy. The policy covers remaining charges up to the limits and deductible, with benefits applicable for up to 365 days post-accident.
Insurance Coverage

Directors and Officers

Damage & Loss Coverage

Sports Equipment

Sports Insurance Specialists Providing Coverage for Youth and Adult Sports, Activities, Camps, Tournaments, Martial Arts, Dance, and Special Events since 1999

eSportsInsurance pioneered sports insurance coverage online, is located outside of Atlanta, Georgia, is licensed in all 50 states, and includes a team of sports and activities insurance specialists providing online binding capabilities.

We look forward to insuring your organization!

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A Brief History of American Youth Sports

In colonial America, children played a variety of games and activities, mimicking their parents and other adults. These activities included hunting, fishing, and wrestling. As a result of the industrial revolution and urbanization, leisure time for young people increased. Youth sports programs emerged out of this opportunity.

Most people have heard of the YMCA (the Young Men’s Christian Association), which had a large role in mainstreaming youth sports in the 19th and 20th centuries. Playing sports was a way to promote Christian values and character development. The YMCA is also credited with introducing basketball to young people.

As schools and colleges began adopting physical education programs, they also integrated sports like baseball, football, and basketball. At the beginning of the 20th century, interscholastic sports grew. Schools and communities began planning their own youth sports competitions.

Formal governing bodies emerged during this process with the AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) in 1888 and NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) in 1906 rising in status.

By the middle of the 20th century, youth sports got specialized and became more competitive. New coaching and training programs arose and a visible shift from participation to winning emerged. Television and commercialization further the development and participation in various youth sports across the nation. Clubs, travel teams, and high-level competitive tournaments became popular. By 1970, youth sports were a major part of American life with millions of children participants and billions of dollars in revenue.

Milestone Events In The Development of Youth Sports

  • 1852: Massachusetts becomes the first state to require children to attend school.
  • 1903: New York City establishes the Public Schools Athletic League.
  • 1929: Joseph Tomlin founds the first youth football league in Philadelphia.
  • 1939: Carl Stotz founds Little League Baseball in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.
  • 1964: The American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) is founded.
  • 1972: Title IX is passed, prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sex in educational programs and activities.
  • 1981: The National Alliance for Youth Sports (NAYS) is founded.
  • 2013: The number of children participating in youth sports reaches an all-time high of 46 million.