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Soccer Insurance Coverage

Youth Teams & Leagues

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Insurance for Soccer Teams & Leagues

Soccer is excellent for enhancing balance, quickness, and other skills. Soccer practice and competition also instill useful traits like tenacity and collaboration. Among many other things, running a soccer league or team means giving your players these advantages.

There are risks associated with coaching and managing soccer, running a soccer league, team, or field, or hosting a soccer game or season, even if coaching soccer can be done safely. Soccer players are nevertheless susceptible to injuries unique to their sport despite requiring less player-to-player contact than sports like football or rugby.

The soccer league may still be liable for accidents and other problems at its games and facilities even though it has taken all reasonable safety procedures.

Put all of your attention into making good leagues happen while feeling secure in the knowledge that you are guarded against potential harm thanks to our insurance products for soccer leagues, coaches, and teams.

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Soccer League Coverage Types

We offer both general liability and accident medical insurance for various soccer programs including:

City Recreational Leagues
Development Player League
Girls Academy
MLS Next
National League Conferences
School Leagues
Seasonal Leagues
Soccer Tournaments
The National League
Travel Soccer
Youth Academy


12-18 Years of Age

Our General Liability and Accident Medical policies are specifically geared toward youth and adult amateur soccer activities.

General Liability Insurance for Soccer

The General Liability policy provides coverage for claims and lawsuits alleging bodily injury or property damage. This includes serious injury or death of a soccer player, coach, volunteer, or spectator or property damage to a facility or location rented or occupied by a soccer organization. Learn more about General Liability insurance coverage here.

Accident Medical Insurance for Soccer

The excess Accident Medical Insurance policy helps pay for out-of-pocket medical costs for an injured participant, coach, volunteer, or manager. Injuries do happen when participating in youth and adult amateur sports and activities, and the Accident Medical Insurance policy can keep injured parties from facing a serious financial burden due to medical bills from an injury. Learn more about Accident Medical Insurance coverage here.

How Much Does Soccer Insurance Coverage Cost?

We provide general liability coverage for $1,000,000 per occurrence and $3,000,000 in aggregate. The following estimates are based on a $50,000 participant accident coverage benefit and a $250 deductible. 

Ages 12 and Under

  • $2,915 = 500 players
  • $1,166 = 200 players
  • $874 = 150 players
  • $596 = 100 players

The minimum annual premium estimate is $463 which includes up to 53 players. Each additional player is $2-$3.

Ages 13-15

  • $3,675 = 500 players
  • $1,470 = 200 players
  • $1,102 = 150 players
  • $748 = 100 players

The minimum annual premium estimate is $463 which includes up to 34 players. Each additional player is $4-$5.

Ages 16-18

  • $4,990 = 500 players
  • $1,996 = 200 players
  • $1,497 = 150 players
  • $1,011 = 100 players

The minimum annual premium estimate is $463 which includes up to 21 players. Each additional player is $6-$7.

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Ages 12-18

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Soccer Insurance Coverage

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