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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should I list as the Named Insured?

The Named Insured should be the legal name of the team, league, or organization that you will be insuring.

If the organization does not have legal status, just use the name that the organization uses most often.

I have multiple sports, can I purchase coverage online?

No, the online system is only set up to quote one sport at a time. If you have multiple sports or activities you would like to have covered, please use the quote request form for your organization.

If I purchase coverage online, when will my coverage begin?

The effective date that you select during the quoting process will be the beginning date of your coverage. The earliest that coverage can start is the day after you purchase coverage.

If I purchase coverage online, when will I receive my certificate of insurance?

You will receive your certificate of insurance immediately as a PDF file that you can download or print.

A league, facility, tournament, or other organization has told me that I need to add them as an additional insured. How can I do that?

You can add unlimited additional insureds to your certificate during your signup process online (except for policies for Martial Arts / Performers / Weddings). To do so, you only need the organization’s name and address.

If you need to add additional insureds after you have signed up online, click the ‘My Account’ link at the top of the page, log in to your account, and click your current policy. There will be a button at the bottom of the screen that reads ‘Add Addl. Insured.’

If you did not sign up online, or if you are a Martial Arts client, please email your agent or [email protected] to add your additional insureds.

Some of my players play multiple sports, are they only counted once?

No, each player is counted as a player for each sport they play. If you have multiple sports, please use this quote request form.

Where are my players covered?

These policies provide coverage for tryouts, practices, games/matches, and attending tournaments in the US and Canada. Any liability claims in Canada must be brought back to the US to be defended.

Will I receive a general liability policy once I sign up online?

The online system only provides certificates of insurance showing liability coverage, as all organizations are placed under a master policy. A copy of this policy is available upon request.

What are per occurrence and aggregate limits?

Please see more information under our General Liability Information Page

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